T he development of up-to-date products, adopting the latest technology, gets more important day by day in the rapidly-developing business circumstances.

We,Hyun Joung System Co., Ltd, specializing in Electronic Telecommunication Systems, started our business as a specialist of developing and selling MDS(Microprocessor Development System)Equipments and have sold Hardware / Software Development Equipments, various Measurement Equipments, Telecommunication Systems and Medical Systems. Also, we have invested about 40% of the sales amount in the R & D of our attached R & D lnstitute for 3 years from 1997 and have developed and commercialized Home Security Systems, Conference Speakerphones, Wireless RF Audio/Video TX/RX Systems, Gas Tele Metering Systems and Tapping Detectors, etc.

We, Hyun Joung System, have made our best efforts to meet customers' needs and expectations with competitive prices, high quality, timely delivery and other enhanced services, based on many years experience and excellent human resources.
Keeping our company precepts Challenge, Creation and Cooperation(3C's) in mind we will grow to be a leader conducting the 21st century with our ceaseless R & D.

Hyun Seung Kim
CEO of Hyun Joung System Co., Ltd.