Both internal and external interfaces provided (for PCI / printer interface). Easy installation for either desktop or notebook PC
Supports Windows 95/98/NT, easy to learn, easy to use
Measures different projects simultaneously with multitask feature
Keeps different project files within one PC with great convenience
Provides relatively high capability as a PC-based logic analyzer
Saves office space and limit R&D equipment expenses
Makes labeling easier with resistor-like colored lines
Allows the logic analyzer's main box to be inserted into the 5.25" floppy disk
Improves R&D productivity and efficiency with more units of affordable instruments
Allows SOHO and engineering students to own their own instruments
Logic Analyzer LA1000P series Specification and Features

Spec. and Features LA1032P LA1132P LA1164P
 Power  Power(Internal/External) PC Power / Adapter(12V)
 Static Power Dissipation 3.6W
 Interface   PCI card
  EPP, Bidirection
 Timing Analysis (Sample Rate)  200 MHz ~ 100 Hz
 State Analysis (External Clock)  None 0 ~ 75MHz
 Bandwidth  75 MHz
 Channels  32 32/64
 Memory  RAM Size 512K Bytes
 Storage Depth 128K / 64K
 Trigger  Condition Pattern & Edge
 Channels 32 32/64
 Pass Count 0 ~ 255 times
 Output to Scope TTL Level
 Output to Scope Delay
 (Output to BNC)
< 80ns
 Threshold  Range  -6.8V ~ +7.2V
 Accuracy ± 55mV
 Input Impedance  550KW shunted by 10pF
 Data Skew  < 2ns
 Temperature  Operating 
5˚C ~ 45˚c (41˚ F ~ 113˚F)
 Storage -40˚ C ~ 75˚C (-40˚F ~ 167˚C F)
 Zoom In & Zoom Out 1/2048 ~ 32
 Languages Chininse/English
 Wave Height Adjustiable
 Save Wave & Load Wave Yes
 Print Wave Yes (Range adjustiable)
 Project Manager Yes
 Online Help Yes