Winice 8051/52 is a cost effective 40MHz version in-circuit emulator from Microtime.
Besides high performance features such as 16K frame real-time trace (with filtering), hardware bus and unlimited hardware execution breakpoints, on line assembler/disassembler,time span, full screen editor, parallel transmission via printer port and user defined command macro, it also offers symbolic and C high level language debugger.
Currently, it offers DOS and Windows 95/98
software environment. It can greatly shorten developing period of the project.

CPU supported: 80(C)31/32,8X(C)51/52,89C54/58; 89(C)2051 (option).
Emulation memory: 128KB (64KB program, 64KB data) ; mapping : 256bytes.
Source Level language debugger
  It offers the user C high level language debugging environment.
Offers 3 display modes:pure C language,C mixed with assembly and pure assembly.
Clock speed : 40MHz (max),default 12MHZ.
16K frame realtime trace with filter and 16 channel waveform display.
Unlimited H/W execution and H/W bus breakpoints supported.
Time span feature to measure time period between two execution points.
Fast download via parallel printer port with PC/notebook.
DOS (line command,multi-windows) or Windows95/98 supported.

IBM PCXT/AT 386,486,Pentium above or Notebook
At least 3.5"floppy disk*1,350KB memory,printer port*1,DOS 5.0 above or Windows95/98
Weight 0.8kg
Dimension 25cm*17cm*5cm
 44pin PLCC adapter, 89C2051 adapter.(option)

품 목 수 량
Main unit 1
Parallel cable 1
ICE cable line 1
AC power core 1
Software driver 1
Manual 1