Pocket size, No extern power adapter required
USB interface, Plug and Play
200 MHz timing analysis, 100MHz state analysis
Up to 16 channels
128/256k bits memory per channel
Threshold Voltage from +6.8v to -7.2v
The captured waveform can re- form to output
from Acute-PG
PKLA-1000 can work with Acute-PG in one PC
OS support Win

   Item    Product Number     Description  PKLA-1116/1216
     1     ASPKLA1XAA   PKLA-1000 mainframe             1
     2     CBS16AXXAA   Signal 1x16 color line             1
     3     CBS02AXXAB   Ground 1x2 black line with
  red mark
     4     GB3STXXXAA   Probe(black)            18
     5     CBISBABXAA   USB A-B Cable (1.8m)             1
     6     DSDL0001CA   Installation CD             1
     7     DSMN0001AA   Acute-LA manual             1
     8     PKCT0002BA   Pocket-LA wallet             1

1 2 3 4 5

Specifications PKLA-1116 PKLA-1216
 Power  Power Source USB BUS-POWER (+5V)
 Static Power Dissipation 0.75W
 Max Power Dissipation <2.5w
 Protect Resettable Fuse(750mA)
 Hard ware Interface  USB
 Timing Analysis (Sample Rate)  200 MHZ ~ 100Hz 
 State Anal (External Clock)  100MHz ~ 0
 Band Width 75 MHz
 Channels 16
 Memory  Total RAM Size 256k Bytes 512k Bytes
 Storage Depth/Channel 128kb 256kb
 Trigger  Condition Pattern, Edge & Don`t care
 Channel 16
 Pre/Post Trigger setting Yes
 Levels 1 Edge/ Pattern@16 Channels
 Pass Count 0 ~ 255
 Threshold  Range  -72v~+6.8v
 Accuracy ± 55mV
Maximum Input Voltage ±30v
Impedance  500kΩ shunted by 10pF
 Temperature  Operating Temperature 
5˚C ~ 45˚C (41˚F ~ 113 ˚F)
 Storage Temperature  -40˚ C ~ 75˚(-40˚ F ~ 167˚ F)
  Data  Skew < 2ns
 Zoom In & Zoom Out  1/2048 ~ 32
 Languages English/Chinese
 Wave Height Changeable
 Save Wave & Load Wave Yes
 Print Wave Yes 
 Project Manager Yes
 Online Help Yes
 Output to Bitmap file  Yes
 Output to Text file  Yes
 Output to PGV (Acute-PG) file  Yes
 Trig, Aux, cursor 1,5
 Volume  Length x Width x Height(mm)  117 x 72 x 20(mm)