Winice 80196 is a cost effective version in-circuit emulator of Microtime. Just change different CPU POD to emulate 80196KC/KD or 80196MC/MC/MH series, besides high performance function such as 8K frame real-time trace (with filtering), 2 up to 6 H/W bus breakpoints & unlimited hardware breakpoints, full screen editor, parallel transmission via printer port and user defined command macro, it also offers symbolic & high level language (C or PL/M) debugger. Thus it can greatly shorten developing period of the project.

System reqirements:
  IBM PC XT/AT 386, 486, Pentium (or compatible) above or notebook.
At least 5 1/4", 1.2M or 3 1/2", 1.44M floppy *1,350K main memory or above.
MGA, EGA or VGA monitor * 1.
Printer port * 1
DOS 5.0 above,Windows95/98.

196KC to emulate: 8X196KA/KB/KC/KD, 80194, 80196, 8094 etc. (68 pin PLCC).
196MC to emulate: 8X196MC/MC/MH(84 pin PLCC).
Just change CPU POD to emulate 196KC/KD or MC/MD/MH.
Clock speed : 20MHz (max).
WINICE 8096/196 : offer 196KC/KD and 196MC/MD/MH two series.
DOS (line command,multi windows) and Windows 95/98 supported.
Realtime trace: 8K frame trace depth with filtering (qualify) function.
Breakpoints: 64K H/W execution breakpoints setting window.
Emulation memory:128 KB (program 64KB,data 64KB),mapping:256 bytes.
Symbolic debugger to load, list, search, create, delete and save module.
Off-line running: allow to quit Winice temporarily to DOS environment.
Stepping running: stepping over, stepping into and animate stepping.
Max clock speed : 20MHZ
High level language debugger :
  It offers you a debugging environment for high level language(C or PL/M).
  3 program display mode: source code source code mixed with assembly
or assembly only.
Also available for lite version : WINKIT 8X196KC.

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