LabTool-848은 PC Print-port를 기본으로 하는 Gang programmer이다.
48pin ZIF sockets을 Full로 지원하고, 또한 표준 5V, 3V chip 제공한다.
LabTool-848은 device 삽입 check를 계속해서 시행하고, 새로운 device의
software upgrade를 빠르게 시행한다.
LabTool-848은 EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH in the introduction.
87C5x, 89C5x , and PIC16Cxx
microprocessor etc support한다.

Devices insertion and continuity checks-No mistakes!
Universal Adapter for Flash chips
Unbeatable speed through semi-concurrent programming technology
Fully isolated ZIF socket
Devices insertion and continuity checks-No mistakes!
Auto-sensing and self programming
Project file "Save and Load"
Variable VCC with one or two-pass verification

8 independent fully isolated 48-pin ZIF sockets
Support Flash, EPROM, EEPROM, Microprocessor with 5 Volts
and 3 Volts
Program 8 pieces 8 MB Flash chips within 45 seconds
Auto-sense, self-start with standard/semi-concurrent mode
Independent modules allow flexible configuration
Universal adapters for 48TSOP/44PSOP/40TSOP Flash chips support
Customized MCU support
Device insertion and continuity test
Project file save/load function
Print port interface with auto switch power supply
Runs on DOS and DOS prompt of Windows 3.1, Windows95, Windows98, Windows2000, WindowsME
Software update via Internet
Optional handler interface

  2M 4M 8M 16M
Blank Check 3.9 sec. 7.1 sec. 13.8 sec. 27.2 sec.
Program 11.6 sec. 22.6 sec. 42.7 sec. 85.0 sec.
Verify 8.5 sec. 16.5 sec. 32.4 sec. 64.4 sec.