- The model KEEPER-M1, which is an intelligent D.I.Y security & alarm system, automatically makes calls to the designated phone numbers in an emergency and enables you to control the system from a distance by phone.

- With such excellent functions the system thoroughly protects your valuable property from burglary, fires, etc. and the voice guidance function enables you to easily use the system.

- This intelligent security system can be used anywhere as the first one
having igital complex functions in the world.

■ Current situation check, two-way call, listening-in by phone (including mobile phone).
■ Control of arming, disarming, etc. by phone(including mobile phone).
■ Easy operation with voice guidance.
■ Easy installation using wireless sensors.
■ Easy operation of arming, disarming, etc. by remote controller.
■ Direct call(Emergency call)to the outside by remote controller in an emergency.
■ In an emergency, the alarm siren works and the system automatically makes designated 5 phone numbers(for example- police station, firehouse, patrol calls to service, neighborhood, mobile phone, beeper, etc.)
■ Recording a voice message(address, etc. for 30 seconds)
■ Redialing 2 times in the way of revolving when the system doesn’t get through to the designated phone numbers.
■ Setting time delay of arming and disarming.(0~99 seconds)
■ Arming except the motion detector if necessary.
■ Using like an ordinary phone as a speakerphone.
■ Checking all the sensors installed whether or not they are adequately installed.
■ Normal operation with the back-up battery even when power is off.
■ Inputted data will not be lost.

■ Adoption of DSP chips instead of ordinary voice chips.
■ More than 200 million self-recognition codes.
■ Distinction of 6 zones and unlimited extension in case of no zone distinction.

Item Specifications
Main 1
Remote controller 2
Wireless motion sensor 1
Wireless door sensor 1
Recharge battery 1
Telephone line 1
Battery 1 ( DC 12V 1A, AC 110/220V )