RF-Super Net  
- The model RF-Super Net transmits and receives Audio/ Video by wireless as an easy-to-install system.

- You can enjoy any image and sound within about 100m including LD player images and stereo sound at home and in an office, etc.

- Transmitting side instruments : VCR, CCTV, Sattelite Receiver, Digital Video, Laser Disc, LCD Camera, Cable TV, Camcoder, Computer, Stereo, Compact Disc Player and other Audio/ Video Receivers.

- Receiving side instruments : TV, Power Speaker, Monitor, Computer(A Convert card needed)

■ VCR or LD Player images and stereo sound
■ Power speaker stereo sound through Power
■ Wireless transmission and receipt of Audio, Video, Computer, CCD and Camera images, etc.


Item Specifications
Main Transmitter (S-TX) 1EA
Main Receiver (S-RX) 1EA
Audio Jack / Video Jack 2EA
Adapter 2EA

Item Specifications
Output Level  10mW, 100meters in a beeline
(conforms to FCC & the Korean Radio Type Regulations)
Antenna Patch Antenna
Frequency band 2.4GHz frequency band, 4channels
Frequency modulation  FM digital (color video and high fideliy stereo audio)
Video input format  NTSC or PAL
Video input level Standard baseband color video level1vpp @ 75ℓ
Audio input level Standard stereo line 2vpp @ 600ℓ
A/V input connecter  RCA Type connector
Power supply DC 12V 500mA
Dimension 210X139X55mm
Weight  495g

Item Specifications
Antenna Patch Antenna
Receive sensitivity -90 dBm
Video output level Standard basedand color video level 1vpp @ 75Ω S/N>38 dbm
Standard stereo line level 1.45Vpp @ 600Ω
A/V input connecter RCA Type connecter
Power supply DC 12V 500mA
Dimension 210X139X55mm
Weight 505g
Upgraded Model
S2 Model:including infrared TX/RX 
S3 Model:including Wireless Keyboard & Joystick