Wireless motion sensor

- Heating percept using body infrared
- Low voltage alarm function
- AAA Type 1.5V x 2EA

Wireless door sensor

- Detect when door or window is opened.
- LED operation when door is opened.
- AAA Type 1.5V x 2EA

Remote controller

- Portable type
- Simple design
- Lithium battery CR2032 (3V)

Remote controller (Necklace Type)

- SOS button
- Lithium battery CR2032 (3V)


- Sound level : 110±dB
- 2 Type(with strobe, without strobe)
- Controlled by main unit

Image Spider

- Automatically take pictures when
sensor detects an intruder using
infrared and call pre-stored
phone numbers
- Easy installation

Fire Sensor

- Alarm sounds when sensor detects
a fire
- AAA Type 1.5V x 2EA

Wireless window break sensor

- A utomatically call designated numbers
when window is broken
- LED functioning when sensor detects
break-in or intruder

Wireless repeater

- Backs up Controller unit, retains
programmed settings for all user
functions even during
power failure.
- Extended transmission distance.(50M)

Wireless electric power detector

- Automatically call the designate
numbers when power goes out, and
an alarm activates.