- TELCON STATION is designed for a conference phone, so people can talk naturally with family members, friends and business partners who are far away.

- TELCON STATION provides customers with very easy set-up, plugging over normal telephone lines.

- By eliminating echoes, TELCON STATION is differentiated from existing speakerphone in convenience and quality.

■ Eliminating howling problem by using DSP chop and RISC core
■ No direction vague with a full size speaker, 3 microphones and 2 extension microphones
■ Being equipped with an RCA jack to record a conversation
■ Providing remote controller to dial and control the main unit
■ Transmitting always the optimum volume to the other party by automatic gain controlling function
■ Being certificated by FCC and CE

필요한 곳
■ Conference room
■ Management people
■ Insurance company
■ Wholesalers : ex)Walmart , Carrefour & etc
■ People who want to have a talk often with family members

Item Specifications
Keypad Alphanumeric
Audio bandwidth 0.2 ~ 3.5KHz
Loudspeaker volume 85dB(MAX)
Network interface RJ-11 analog public switched telephone
Operating voltage 110/220V, AC 50~60Hz, 22.3W, DC 9V 1A
Environmental  requirements +5~+40℃(Temperature), 20~80% (Humidity)

Item Specifications
Main 1
Remote control 1
External microphone 2
Telephone line 1 set
Adapter 1
Manual 1 set