Our Wireless security/burglar alarm system
SAVERCALL-3000 is produced with premium materials under the Strictest quality Control system. Our alarm systems can detect any Break-in and intruder giving you a Total peace of mind anywhere Anytime. For more, please contact us now.

- Wireless security system : Easy self installation
- Simple programming & operation (FM frequency)
- LCD display & Voice guided set up & operation
- No extra service charge for running Savercall system.
- SOS call function : Make on-site emergency calls and transmit emergency
message directly from remote controller & main unit by pressing SOS button.
- 2-way voice communication : Sound monitoring & direct warning to the intruder
via speakerphone / Two-way communication available by telephone & mobile phone
- Auto Dialer : Automatically calls up to five designated phone numbers upon alarm
activiation. & plays prerecorded voice messages
- Possible to specify activation scope by sensors (Wait/Alarm home/Alarm away mode)
- “Alarm home” mode is a useful function for those who keep pets at home
- Remote operation via telephone
- CID function (Max. 20 phone numbers)
- Normal telephone function in case of emergency
- Phone line dsiconnection alarm
- Power supply disconnection alarm
- Support wire extension port
- Rechargeable backup battery
- Memory chip stores all programmed data.
- Various additional functions : morning call, chime bell alarm etc.


SIZE 205(L)*155(W)*45(H)
WEIGHT(Main unit) 457g
(Set) 2350g
Power supply AC adapter, DC 220V, 1A
Motion detector angle Horizontally; 100°/ vertically ;30°
Motion detector range 10M ~ 20M
Siren 110± 5dB
Frequency FM 433Mhz
Main sensor Motion detector, Door sensor
Sub detecting sensor Fire sensor
Programming phone no 5 places
Remote control Available
No. of extension sensor Total 60pcs in case of zone distinguish
Voice recording 30 seconds
Operating guidance LCD display and voice guidance
Back up battery Idle: 8 hours, Activated : 2hours